Windows Remote Patching Monitor [SCCM Environment]

This is one of the light weight and earlier commandline versions of the Portable GUI based Windows Patching Assistant tool. I personally like using this one when the situation is simple. It does not come with credential support, although, it could easily be modified to add that. But I would rather use the GUI version for that.

Download from GitHub

How to Use

Being simple in nature, this is pretty easy to run.

  1. Populate target machine FQDNs in the textfile called FQDNList.txt. Put all files in the same location as the code is based on relative path.
  2. Open a PowerShell Console with Elevated Privileges. Make sure to set the Execution Policy to allow execution of scripts. [Refer]
  3. Change Directory to the location where the script is saved. Assuming it to be C:\Scripts\WindowsPatchMonitor, run the command cd "C:\Scripts\WindowsPatchMonitor"
  4. Now, simply call the PatchResultTable.ps1 file like .\PatchResultTable.ps1
  5. This will start active monitoring. The screen will flicker with every update made as it is constantly updating and clearing screen in an infinite loop to give a look and feel of seamless screen update.

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