Active Directory Multi Domain Search

Ever used the Active Directory? If you are a windows admin, sure you have.

If you work in a multi-domain environment, have you ever wished that you were able to query multiple domains for a user or a computer object without connecting to every DC each time? I dont know about you but I have.

One of the responsibilities of my team was to perform termination tickets of users that left the organization. It was a tedious process to search 13 domains and delete accounts where they exist. Most times the accounts didn’t even exist and yet we had to query and verify the domains anyway.

Tired of doing this the old fashioned way, one day I wrote a PowerShell script that did the searching for me. A 40 mins mind numbing task had just been reduced to 3 mins. But I didn’t stop there. Had to make it into a GUI so it could be leveraged by others who get easily intimidated by a PS console. And the result is here.


Generally I am not a fan of incomplete work. But I had to put this out there for people to use. Currently the search only works for USER objects. Computer and group objects will be released soon.

How to Use:

  1. Hit the manage button to add your domains. Uses domain trusts by default.
  2. The query fields are optional but need at least one populated to be able to search.

It is pretty straight forward.

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