Rohin Sidharth is a Devops and automation engineer working on the Windows Platform. He is an MCITP and ITIL V3 certified professional. Getting into IT administration was not a choice but he has found his passion, Automation. He has spent last 3 years getting better at automating using PowerShell, AutoIT, C# and Perl at the company he works with. He has graduated from developing command-line scripts to GUI based portable applications with the everyday Admin as the intended end user. And now he is a full fledged DevOps Engineer. Stay tuned for what he has in store.

I have never wanted this website to be about me. I wanted it to represent something more noble. That is precisely why the domain name is and not

I started off as an Admin in a service based company and one day my manager comes up to me and casually says “What we really do here is push buttons. A monkey can be trained to push buttons”. It changed me that day. Those words have stuck with me forever.

Rohin would also love to hear from you about ideas for automation or tools that you wish you had. If you have got one, please head over to the contacts page and drop him a message.

Automation is Love, Automation is Life.